Collecting Figures & Statues as Adults

Growing up in the early 90s, almost every kid read comic books of their favourite superhero or got up early every weekend morning to watch cartoons, but as we got older our childhood superheroes all got placed on back burners. As we get older we are tasked with life’s new responsibilities and most adults may not have the time for hobbies they truly love.

The collecting hobby is a very large and fast growing community with collectors from all walks of life. Some popular collectible genre includes popular brands like Marvel, DC and Transformers which all have large following with committed fans. The collecting hobby is addictive and joyful and as you collect and finally acquire desired pieces, you experience the blissfulness that comes with the hobby.

Who are they? They are dads and moms, your uncles and aunties, your friends and bosses. Inside each person is a nerd and collecting is what holds the collecting community together.

During a dive into the community, I come to notice the terms used such as “grail”, which is used to describe highly sought after collectibles. I also learned about the want lists and wait lists, the wish list, the pre-purchase and the purchase list. Each step towards owning a new collectible seems to add to the collecting experience.

Most collectors agree that there is something special about waiting for a collectible to arrive, opening the box for the very first time, smelling the new collectible before seeing it with the hope that it meets or exceeds expectations. It’s also quite an experience to assemble the pieces and seeing all the parts come together, knowing that you’ve have made the right decision to “pull the trigger” which means finalizing a purchase in the collectible community. This is the feeling that acquiring a new collectible provides; the feeling of still being a kid and that your heroes can now be within reach at your fingertips.

Sideshow Thanos 1/4 Statue

Fortunately for collectors, there has been a spike in the demand for collectibles and collectible manufactures are now creating more collectibles than ever before. This rise in production is allowing our childhood dreams of being or owning our favourite characters, and we now get to own a part of the world we once loved.

Now as adults, most collectors are looking for ways to manage their collection.  There is a demand for collectible communities outside platforms like Facebook which allows Members to easily manage their collectibles and lookup new pieces with ease. A new collectible platform called CollectibleBay has stepped up to meet this demand at the highest level and the community can’t get enough of it. Having a platform strictly dedicated to collectibles is a big win for collectors. The platform allows members to organize and share their collection within forums and groups. The platform keeps you up-to-date with the latest pieces and it also helps that it extremely easy to use and user friendly.

CollectibleBay makes it easier to find desirable collectible through the use of their interactive platform. Its interface is intuitive and scalable which allows the website to work from mobile to desktop. A collector can even customize their own profile page to suite their personality. The site is also big on privacy so may limit who sees different parts of your profile. The platform gives you the opportunity to show off your collection or find pieces that may have once eluded you. Their about us page states that the site was designed with the collector in mind and definitely shows, feedback so far in the community shows that most appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into making the platform.

Once you’ve registered and updated your profile, you are ready to go. Even without a profile you can browse their large database which is advertised to be the fasting growing collectible database in the world. The Marketplace section of the website is one of their biggest features. It allows you to search for collectible items on the platform that maybe in your immediate location and it also helps you to find collectible deals within your budget.

XM Studios Storm 1/4 Scale Statue

CollectibleBay is a unique platform as it is one of the few of its kind to merge hobby, trading and database for all areas of collectibles into one central location, making it easier for amateur to experienced collectors to enjoy and enhance the collecting experience. Their large collectible database makes it an ideal source for collectors of all genres.

According to their About page, it is a platform designed for collectors by collectors to engage and review data for officially released statues, figures, busts and other collectibles that may have once been out of reach or to finally be able to complete a collection by browsing offers in CollectibleBay’s Marketplace.

CollectibleBay’s database has collectibles from top manufacturing vendors such as Sideshow Collectible, XM Studios, Prime 1 Studios, Iron Studios, Kotobukiya, Diamond Select, Hot Toys as well as many others. Their aim is to always supply the most up-to-date data for all collectibles. If you need hobby supplies such as trading card sleeves, figure protectors or binder, also give MyHobbySupplies a try. They sell hobby supplies for collectors of all genres which is a perfect platform for hobby enthusiasts.

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